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Future Flight Community Integration Group

We are delighted that two of our local stakeholders have recently been appointed to the Future Flight Community Integration Panel. Corinne Matthews from the Heart of the SW LEP (pictured) and Andy Wood from East Devon Council, both members of the Heart of the South West Sustainable Aviation Programme Board. 

The Future Flight Community Integration Group has been established as a taskforce to address the complexities associated with the integration of drone and AAM services across the UK. It aims to:

  • Bring publics, local authorities, industry, and government together to tackle complexities related to the operational space from ground to air impacted by AAM and drone operations.
  • Act as a conduit to understand legitimate community concerns, enabling industry to better design services that bring substantial social and economic benefits.
  • Showcase positive opportunities with future flight services for society.
  • Set benchmarks and inform best practice in mitigating disbenefits.
  • Inform regulations, planning, and policy decisions at a local and national level.

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